Ask us about training for your board members!

We offer a comprehensive, 2-hour presentation to help board members understand their fiduciary duties. 
It covers:

  • What is a nonprofit?
  • The Budget Process
  • Understanding Financial Reporting
  • Overview of Form 990 and Massachusetts Form PC

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We work with a lot of different nonprofit organizations including chambers of commerce, charities, educational institutions, foundations, religious organizations, and social services.

With its own special tax classification for financial reporting and tax purposes – 501(c) – today’s successful not-for-profit organization has matured from simpler business models to incorporate the modern managerial practices and efficiencies once reserved only for the most sophisticated profit-making enterprises.

At Barrett & Scibelli, we understand all the intricacies that doing business as a nonprofit entails, including transparency, financial statement preparation and presentation, revenue and expense recognition, valuation of assets, and the complexities of the annual Form 990.

Our expertise includes:

  • audit, review and compilation of financial statements
  • information tax return preparation
  • consulting on best practices for governance, management and disclosure
  • educating and training board members
  • accounting and reporting for contributions and net assets
  • accounting for investments
  • endowment accounting and disclosures