Accounting & Bookkeeping

Often organizations need help with the more routine aspects of running a financially sound enterprise – from preparing and comparing annual budgets and financial reports against actual revenues and expenses, to reconciling monthly bank statements.

Although these tasks may seem routine, they are not unimportant.  At Barrett & Scibelli, we offer a comprehensive assortment of accounting and bookkeeping services that can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs.  After reviewing your current systems, we can formulate a plan to improve accuracy and efficiency – a plan that you can put into action on your own, or hire us at an affordable cost to implement.

Our services include:

  • developing chart of accounts, cost centers
  • financial reporting framework
  • analyzing budgets to actual financial activities
  • periodic review of internal financial documents
  • organizing  & maintaining fixed asset ledgers
  • write-up (recording and maintaining transactions)
  • QuickBooks services